Ten Thousand Waves – Santa Fe, NM

Ten Thousand Waves | Santa Fe, New Mexico – If, for any reason, you’ve been sleeping on the sofa lately, think of Ten Thousand Waves as an olive branch. The spa is modeled on the Japanese onsen—hot-spring bathhouses famed for their soothing (and pacifying) waters. It’s a place where stress and heartache go to die; the scent of teak and cedar is accompanied by the sound of flowing water, and hummingbirds coast in and out of the canopy above. While she’s wrapped in a cocoon of herb-soaked linens, pat yourself on the back with a traditional Japanese footbath and watch the giant koi swim lethargic laps across the pond.

There are minimalist, elegant, and pricey guesthouses attached to the spa, but the place to stay is Silver Moon—a classic Airstream Bambi trailer. Inspired by Japanese capsule hotels, the high-design podlike compartment is an object lesson in intimate, exotic, and space-efficient living. You won’t be spending too much time inside, but Santa Fe’s high desert—with its acres of piñon and juniper trees and watercolor sunsets—is not meant to be seen through a window. Silver Moon is set off from the rest of the resort, so you can sit out under the vast desert sky, breakfasting on green tea and fresh fruit from the miniature refrigerator, in your yukata robe and slippers. There’s no couch for you to sleep on in the Airstream, but that doesn’t matter now.

Originally published in GQ Magazine